Hi friends – one of our lovely team members has been writing updates describing our time in Bangkok and Vietnam. We wanted to share these emails with you in case you were curious about what we have been doing these past two months, enjoy!

Hello friends! We’re continuing to have a wonderful time here in Thailand._ We’ve been quite busy beginning our different ministries in Bangkok!_ Last week we took a bus, a sky train AND a boat to tour some of the local temples._ They were very beautiful and eye opening to Buddhist tradition and belief._ That evening we had orientation at Baan Jai Diaow, which is the specific ministry of YWAM Thailand that the San Francisco team always works with._ Baan Jai Diaow (“House of One Heart”) reaches out to the students of the university in this neighborhood._ About 500,000 students from every province of Thailand attend this univeristy, so it’s an amazing opportunity to reach the country as a whole._ On Sunday we helped run the children’s Sunday school classes at Evangelical Church of Bangkok (ECB), which was much fun._ We moved from our hotel afterwards, into the rooms at Baan Jai Diaow._ We are so blessed to be staying in the very building where much of our ministry takes place!_ On Monday we began our Friendship Evangelism on the campus, which consists of walking around making friends with the students._ Thais are very open to conversations and new friends, which is so great._ That afternoon we divided into three groups and split up to do separate ministries — one group is teaching English to some local neighborhood children, another is leading an English class for university students, and the last works in a local slum._ Tuesday was “Random Evangelism Day”, where we prayed and asked God what He’d like us to do that day — we got some common themes (worship at temples, prayer walking, visiting hospitals)_and divided into separate groups._ One group met Pong, an ill man who, after hearing the message of_hope that Jesus offers, decided to accept Christ!!!!!!_ We were VERY excited about that!__Wednesday we_went to visit about 150 children that attend_daycare/school in the local slums, which was really awesome._ Some wanted to play, others to sing, but most of them just wanted to be cuddled and held._ They, like their older Thai relatives, are very receptive and_sweet! The language barrier is not as much of an issue as us students_had first expected, as most Thais we encounter speak a_decent amount of English._ We’re also learning more useful Thai phrases as the days go by._ Thank you all for your prayers_& please continue to lift us up to the Lord!_ Love, YWAM San Francisco “Follow me with what you have…”__ John 20:21_