Hi friends – one of our lovely team members has been writing updates describing our time in Bangkok and Vietnam. We wanted to share these emails with you in case you were curious about what we have been doing these past two months, enjoy!

Dear friends,
Happy belated 2007!_ It’s been very cool to bring in the new year while in Thailand._ Thank you all for your prayers regarding Bankok’s recent events._ There have been no more incidents and we are continuing to pray for God’s peace to settle over this city._
This past week we took a break from English classes since most of the university students are visiting home for the new year._ Instead, we’ve been doing open ministry days, which are so much fun._ We meet in the mornings and ask God where He’d like us to go and how best to minister to Bangkok that day._ After praying separately, common themes always emerge and we break into groups._ We have visited children’s hospitals, prayed over temples, sang in the slums, and met friendly Thais all over the city._
Jiap, a girl we met on campus and invited to English class, has been spending a lot of time at Baan Jai Diaow, both with our DTS and the BJD students._ Earlier this week, she decided to accept Christ!!_ We’ve also were blessed last night at worship to hear that_Cha,_the mother of another one of our English students, 9-year-old Mote, gave her life to God as well._ It’s been very encouraging to see that lives really are being touched and changed by allowing God to work through our time here._
On Sunday we attended a local Thai church._ Jiap as well as Cha and her family joined us along with many other Thai friends._ One of our students gave a message and two testimonies were shared with the congregation._ Our bilingual worship times have been one of the highlights of our trip._
The weather is still warm, and the harvest is ripe._ Thank you all for continuing to lift our team up to God.
YWAM San Francisco