Hi friends – one of our lovely “school” members has been writing updates describing our time in Bangkok and Vietnam. We wanted to share these emails with you in case you were curious about what we have been doing these past two months, enjoy!

Dear friends,
Hello from Hanoi! The city is beautiful, with it’s blend of traditional asian Athmosphere and European influence. It’s about 70 Degrees F and cloudy, so it has been an appreciated change from the heat of Thailand. We miss our Thai firends a lot, though.
On sunday we went a Hanoi International Fellowship. That afernoon we went to Hoa Lo Prison (the “Hanoi Hilton”), which was used by the french government to house Veitnameese from about 1896-1954. During the Vietnam war with the US, from 1964-1973, american pilots who were shot down over Hanoi were detained at Hoa Lo, including John Mccain, now a Senator in the house of Representatives.
In the evening some of us got to help out with english an evening class for Vietnameese students. It was conversational, so we shared our backgrounds with them as they shared with us about Vietnamese culture. It was a great time.
Monday we took a tour van to Perume Pagoda, an anicent Buddhist temple built into a mountain cave. It is one of the main tourism spots in Vietnam especially for Vietnameese during the upcoming new years celebrations, Tet. It was eye opening to learn Vietnameese tradition and culture on location.
Please keep us in your thoughts these next few days as we continue exploring Hanoi.