Iven & I arrived back in Bangkok one week ago after a short trip to Vietnam with the “School.” We have moved into our first Bangkok home, spending the week trying to catch up on all sorts of important life details (like our blog).

Our_house: it is very exciting to be living by ourselves for the first time since our wedding_- but our house feels HUGE to us, considering that we have been living in community with housemates of one sort or another_for_all of our adult lives. It is a three bedroom two “bath” townhouse… for those of you who have never been to SE Asia,_bathtubs don’t really exist in normal people’s homes – instead there is_a simple tiled_room with a toilet (or squattie pottie) and a squirty-faucet-hose that hangs on one side of the room with a drain in the corner._It is kind of like a giant shower.

Bangkok 031.jpgWe share one wall with a neighbor and the opposite wall faces the street. There are about six identical town houses on our little side street – like a Thai style cul du sac -_with some other town houses nearby. Most of the neighborhood is made_up of 8 story tall apartment buildings_housing university students and families. There is not much traffic (only local) but plenty of barking dogs and food carts – both stationary and moving. There is nothing quite as delightful as hearing the honk of ice cream driving by on the back of_a motorcycle! For breakfast yesterday we opened our door, crossed the street and ate Kai Jao Moo Sap (Thai omelettes with rice) for under 50 cents each! This afternoon we were startled by a skinny cat little cat who_marched up to our front door, loudly announced her presence and likely would have come in if we had opened the door for her…

It is a great neighborhood for us with few foreigners and plenty of opportunities to practice Thai!


On Sunday the two of us are heading South for two weeks of rest, reflection and plain old tropical vacation. With the encouragement of our leaders here in Bangkok_we decided to_take a break before language study starts up (our first class is February 12) and to reconnect after_spending the last 5 months as a family of 19 rather than a family of 2._

Please do pray that we would be_able to_rest well,_that we would have a significant time of connection with God – reflecting on the past few months while visioning for the next year, and that our marriage would continue to be strengthened through this time away.

Love to you all,

Kashmira (and Iven)___