We are just now finally starting to settle in after lots and lots of transitions these last few months (I wonder how many times you will see that line here in the next few months…?) It is fun to be reconnecting with friends, family and supporters – trying to figure out what it looks like to be living here with our whole hearts, but still staying connected back home. Skype is an amazing gift of technology (cheap/free Internet phone calling), and has enabled Iven to be a “virtual” math tutor these past few weeks, spending hours on the phone doing Algebra with his sister Ally (fourteen yrs old) for less than 3 cents a minute. Thai Homework 1Our day to day life for this next season of 6-18 months is centered around Thai language study. We meet with_Kruu Oo (pronounced “O”), our Thai_tutor, for 2 hours a day, five days a week. Then comes our glorious homework – usually another 2 – 3 hours of trying to internalize what we learned that day in class. Before or after class, four days a week,_we_will be_spending time partnering with, discipling and encouraging Thai college students. This partnership looks different every day – some days we will be teaching_an English class as an outreach to other college students, other days we might head to the slums together to do a construction project, or we could just end up_talking about life and trying to let God do more of the talking than Iven and Kashmira._ Our focused ministry to men working as prostitutes has been confirmed by God in a number of ways since arriving in country. Several divine appointments have introduced us to individuals who are “people of peace” (Luke 10:6) that will help us to start learning more about this forgotten group that_God cares so very much for._We have not even begun to_explore what this will_look like_as far as day to day life is concerned, but covet every prayer towards helping develop this long term vision. For now we are grateful to be spending the bulk of our “ministry” time with college students close to our home, and we are trusting God (and our leadership here in Bangkok) to help us transition into a more street focused ministry when our grasp of Thai language and culture matures. We continue to be pleased with the Christian community here at YWAM in Bangkok._The partnerships between westerners and Thais seem to be very balanced, healthy and fun. We are encouraged that even though English is the common language, everyone who has been here for any length of time is very comfortable in Thai, and most every meeting or worship gathering is either exclusively in Thai or translated into both Thai and English. Don’t get me wrong – we’ve already had our fair share of diarrhea, fever and a sinus infection from the other world. But all in all we feel incredibly privileged to be used of God to minister in this place. We are amazed at how much emotional, prayer and financial support the people of God_are providing, and we are exceedingly grateful. Thank you for all that you are doing to make it possible for us to be here.