The first (and second) week of May has now come and gone and with its coming came rain, rain, rain. Officially the rainy season is not supposed to start until early June, but it seems to be making an early appearance. The day after we arrived in Bangkok in early December it rained HARD for 15 minutes one evening…and then not again until a couple weeks ago. It’s kind of crazy, and SO DIFFERENT from Seattle. More tropical flowers and smells seem to be appearing, and every day (usually in the afternoon), the rain comes. If you have never experienced tropical rains, it really is quite amazing – even without the LIGHTNING and THUNDER. One minute it’s nothing but blue skies, and as quickly as ten minutes later you’re walking through a wall of water – and soaking wet, even if you happen to have remembered your umbrella. It is absolutely astounding how much water comes down from the sky…and where does it go? Well, usually nowhere for a while…parts of our neighborhood are shin deep in puddles for several hours afterwards. Unfortunately though, for obvious reasons, this new season is hard to capture on film : )