Street Dogs

We were commenting to each other recently about some of the things that make Bangkok distinctive – the things which fade into the background because they are such a part of life, but would leave a big hole in their absence. Oversized, colorful busses that emit massive amounts of diesel exhaust, portable carts and venders selling various forms of pork on sticks, smelly “khlongs” (a cross between a canal, a river, and an open sewer) running adjacent to streets throughout the city, and of course…street dogs!Street dogs are perhaps one of our favorite (though bittersweet) parts of Bangkok life. Every small (and large!) street has a collection of dogs of various sizes and shapes, but all horribly dirty and many missing a bit of a tail or an ear. Most are skittish and unfriendly – hardened by street life – but some are friendly and somehow seem to smile. These are our favorites. They say, “Yes, I am a dog with no home, no family, and I have to fight for my food – but at least I’m alive!” Those cheerful dogs can brighten up any day. We’ve put together an ever-evolving gallery cataloging just a few of our mangy friends.