Recently, I invited two Thai girls who are on staff here with YWAM to come and join me as walked and prayed in the Silom neighborhood, one of the areas famous for prostitution in all forms. They were both excited to come, and I was delighted to have their insight and companionship (as well as being able practice speaking Thai ALL day!).Neither of them had ever been to this neighborhood before, and hadn’t had much exposure to the visible sex industry. I admit I was a little nervous – I didn’t know how they would respond or what they might say to people we would meet. We arrived in Silom in the mid-afternoon; few bars were open and only a handful of men who worked there were milling about. These two wonderful women quickly sprung into action – walking slowly back and forth down the street, reading the signs on the windows, and quietly praying in Thai for each bar, club, massage parlor and shop. I was so encouraged by the initiative they took. Nothing about them was bashful or ashamed to be praying to Jesus, in Thai, in this neighborhood. After a while we started talking to some men working at a massage shop. Boom, a man in his late 20s, shared his story with the girls. He had been working at this massage shop for three years and didn’t like doing that kind of work, but said it was really the only way he could make as much money as he could there. He asked what kind of work we do and the girls tried to explain; they asked if he knew about Jesus and he said he had heard of him and didn’t understand and didn’t know any Christians. Poom was friendly and eager to talk; he invited us to come back and chat with him and the other guys whenever we could. Afterwards, the girls shared their excitement with me, “This is good,” they said, “God has brought you here for these guys, and He wants them to know His love – you will help God share His love with them.” They prayed for me there, right around the corner from the “boys’ street”. It was so special, to be welcomed, and commissioned, by these faithful Thai women, into this ministry that God has brought us here for. Their prayers and enthusiasm were certainly a gift.