This week a friend of ours invited us to come with a group of Thai and foreign friends to see the new movie, “The Bourne Ultimatum”._ We decided to go and ended up being 2 of 30 who responded to the invitation (pretty much everyone but us was single…one of the side effects of having one of our main groups of friends_being connected to a college ministry)._ The movie was fun, and even more fun to walk in a giant pack afterwards, chattering in English and Thai, and to take over an unsuspecting bus on the way home._ What really had me in stitches though, was when we shared about the outing with our Thai teacher the next day._ “What movie was it?”, he asked in Thai._ I hesitated and then answered, “Bourne Ultimatum”._ Without missing a beat he responded was a quizzical expression, “Huh…Born on Tomato”._ It makes me wonder what kind of phrases and words we actually “repeat” back to our Thai friends.