Last week we had some of our first visitors from home come and spend a day with us._ Two couples we know from New Horizons and Rainier Avenue Church were vacationing in Thailand and had a stopover for a day in Bangkok before heading out to visit the mountains and the islands._It was SUCH a blessing to share a day with them in our new city._ We took them to see and experience some of our favorite pieces of Bangkok – street food (a MUST), a temple on a “mountain” that overlooks the city, a canal river boat taxi and more._ At the end of the day they joined us to prayer walk the two neighborhoods we are most invested in through prayer._ Their prayers, questions and encouragement were a real a gift for us. YOU TOO can come on vacation to the wonderful Kingdom of Thailand, and visit us in the process!! : )_ If you happen to be_”passing through”_Thailand we would love to introduce you to our beloved Bangkok!!