Street dogs in Bangkok will probably always continue to capture my heart.  They are so free to just be dogs – quite a bit less attached and dependant on humans, but usually still very friendly and full of personality.  I have asked Iven to take many dozens and dozens of pictures of street dogs over the past year and a half there we have been here.  Within this in mind, I found myself laughing last week when we went to a photo exhibit of pictures taken by the Princess of Thailand from her travels around the world.  One of them was a picture taken in America entitled, “Waiting”, that showed a dog on a leash, tied to a fire hydrant, fixated on something unseen – no doubt the door that his owner disappeared through when last seen.  It made me giggle to think of a Thai princess going to my country and finding that all dogs are on leashes and get tied up outside, and finding that a noteworthy subject to photograph.  The world is indeed a big and strange place.