After our Christmas cookie outreach on the boy bar streets, we realized we had about 200 extra handwritten tags left over that we didn’t want to see go to waste._ Together with a small group of Thai Baan Jai Diaow and San Francisco DTS girls, Kashmira bought, individually wrapped and attached the “You are valuable – God loves you” hand-written cards to about 200 roses and took to the streets of our neighborhood with the goal of blessing the woman who work on our streets. In an effort to honor the women, we decided to give a rose to every woman, whether it looked like they were “selling services” or not, but especially trying to bless the women who we were pretty sure were._ My group consisted of myself, a Thai student and a exceptionally friendly Swiss young woman._ It was really a treat to walk up with our overflowing bucket of roses and see the women’s faces stiffen, expecting us to solicit them for some sort of school fundraiser and then quickly soften into a surprised smile when we explained that the flowers were a free gift to celebrate Christmastime and to bless them._ One old man called us over to where he and his wife were eating lunch to ask us to please give his wife a flower._ Several women waiting for customers outside of our neighborhood’s largest short time motel asked us questions about Christmas and why we were giving them flowers._ For days afterwards we found roses and cards hung up on food carts and resting on cars all around our neighborhood.