We met “Woo” in February through one of his employees, who introduced us as the people who came and sang Christmas carols a few months earlier._ He greeted us warmly and invited us to sit down at a table with him, outside of the bar that he owned, while one of his employees went and got us some complimentary cokes. Woo is from China._ He moved to Thailand 12 years ago in order to open the bar he still runs, currently with about 50 young men working in it. Woo is curious about Christianity – he has an aunt in China that is a Christian, but knows very little about it himself._ At the end of our first conversation when we offered to pray for any needs he may have or struggles he may be facing, he replied, “You know, last year I had a lot of problems, right now I’m doing pretty ok – but these guys who work for me, a lot of them have really hard things in their lives – you could pray for them, and maybe come and talk with them sometime!” As our relationship has grown, he has asked us many questions about our faith and the story of Jesus._ A short-term teach came and worked with us for a few weeks and one of the guys on the team was also from China._ He joined us for one of our visits with Woo, and shared with Woo in Mandarin (their shared mother tongue) how his life had been transformed by the love of God._ Out of that conversation Woo expressed an interest in getting a Chinese Bible that he could read (although he speaks Thai fluently, he can’t read Thai or English). We went through a bit of a goose chase trying to hunt down a Chinese Bible, and eventually found ourselves squeezed in a tiny little Christian bookstore about the size of a walk-in closet, but unable to read Chinese we were very grateful when only other customer in the store, who happened to be a missionary woman from Taiwan, graciously stepped in and was able to explain which Bible would be most readable for someone from mainland China._ We hope to give Woo his Bible this week._ Iven, Tuy and I are praying that this gift will be a significant step towards his understanding and receiving the true gift of Jesus into his life._ We are also praying for future opportunities to minister to the guys working inside of his bar. Please pray with us, as God leads!