Last weekend an English-speaking church in the city spent their Sunday morning seeking to serve people in need, rather than gathering for their regular weekly worship services.  One of these groups asked us to help out in leading about 30 people to come to our extended neighborhood, share some take-away meals and seek to listen to the stories of people living on the streets. It was a really special morning.  Ninety meals were given away, lots of stories were shared, prayers were prayed and smiles were brought to the faces of many who may usually have little to smile at. Kashmira was paired up with two young women who spoke very little Thai; they found themselves sitting on the ground with an older man with sparkling eyes and an eagerness to talk.  We gave him a meal, asked where he was from and told him a little about ourselves.  After about a half hour one of the girls thought to ask if it is common for people to come and share food and talk with him.  He looked thoughtful, then confused and said, “No, I have never had anyone do this.  People just don’t just sit and talk with me like you guys are.  I don’t kow why – I’m easy to talk with….but nobody does.” It was clear that the gift of a boxed lunch of rice and meat was appreciated by his tummy, but his heart so much more appreciated our taking the time and energy to communicate that he was important, remembered and cared for.  I told him I was so sad to hear that usually people don’t stop and talk with him and that we were really enjoying spending our morning with him.