From Thai National Congress 7

One of my mentors is fond of using the phrase “God has no accent in any language.”_ I have heard her say this many times and it has struck me as cute, and even a bit profound, but this last week it really hit home for me for the first time. All of last week we participated in a historical gathering of representatives from nearly every denomination and ministry across Thailand, for five days of prayer, teaching, worship and unprecedented unity in the Thai church._ It was ALL in Thai and our brains had a hard time keeping up with the long days and many sermons, but it was indeed special to be a part of the experience. During the opening session, the first night, there was a time when everyone was asked to pray for each other in small groups._ Standing there in this giant auditorium, I was deeply in awe of God._ Over 3,500 Thais (and some foreigners) were gathered there, each talking to God in their mother tongue, and connecting with Him in a personal way._ The vastness of God struck me deeply in that moment – He is able to be fully present and listening eagerly to each one of those prayers, and whether it is in Thai or English or Finnish or Chinese, he understands every word._ Even more so, if I pray in broken Thai, he hears my heart…rather than the words that I pronounce incorrectly or completely omit._ Indeed, God has no accent, and our accents never leave Him confused a bit. J (To read more about these meetings follow this link to an article that Iven wrote for the YWAM Thailand Newsletter: _