The two and 3/4 of us decided to celebrate Christmas morning with a Western-style brunch at a nice restaurant about a 20 minute walk from our house. _As we approached the restaurant we were surprised and delighted to see Wa, the homeless friend whom we know best here in our neighborhood. We haven’t seen him in several months, and there he was “spanging” (asking for spare change) on Christmas morning, right outside the door of our destination. We sat down and caught up with him before heading in to have a meal (he had already eaten) and then visited with him for a good while and a walk afterwards. _We had a box of cookies with a ribbon on it that we had with us “just because”, which was a treat to be able to give him as a Christmas present. When he told us that he planned to go to a temple the next day to make an annual homage of remembrance and offering, Iven quickly offered to join him so that he wouldn’t have to go by himself. _You see,_Wa literally lost everything in the tsunami – (which struck SE Asia 5 years ago, December 26) _- his wife, 2 year old daughter, business, home and even the fingers on his right hand (they were cut badly while he was digging through the debris, and the ensuing infection was bad enough to require amputation). _Christmas for him is nothing more than the day before the anniversary of his life falling apart. They met early the next morning and Iven sought to bring him some comfort and support, not through intentional conversation, but simply by being some company. Wa was understandably not interested in talking about the deep things of his heart on that most painful of anniversaries. _This is just one day in his journey of recovery from loss and pain, and he has such a long road to travel in order to be free from the trap of homelessness and alcoholism that now have him so ensnared, and though he is trapped by his grief and the trauma which no one should have to endure, we remain amazed at how he has chosen the path of softness and grief, over bitterness and anger – tears come easily to Wa, most any day, not just this week. _Please be praying for Wa. And also for Iven to know how to love him in the ways that are supportive and encouraging, rather then enabling and patronizing.