32 weeks pregnant now. _Its crazy how quickly this pregnancy season is passing! _I feel this little baby wiggling and kicking inside of me (In Thai the literal word is “dancing”), and I wonder who this little person will become. As my belly grows and grows we are getting increasingly more smiles, questions and excitement from the people we see every day in our neighborhood, and especially the guys on outreach. _A funny thing we didn’t predict is that just about every single guy we have seen on outreach declaratively states, “Its a boy. _I’m sure its a boy.” _I finally asked one of the guys, “Well, if the baby turns out to be a girl, would you still be happy for us?” _Without skipping a beat he answered, “Yes, and then I would do her makeup.” _That stage is still quite a while off, for which I think Iven and I are both very grateful. _I’m so glad they come out as babies, rather than teenagers!!!