Iven was out this evening and I was getting hungry. _I left our little room in search of food, and went back and forth over whether I should walk one block and get some garlic chicken on rice for 30 baht (a dollar) or walk 4 blocks and treat myself to Burger King (4 dollars). _Five minutes later I was sitting on a neon pink plastic stool in front of a nearby street food cart, happily consuming my garlic chicken and rice, decision made. _Being that the baby is now quite big and so my stomach is quite squished, I couldn’t finish my dinner and asked them to put it in a styrofoam box for me to take home and finish later. After a walk around the block I stopped outside our house and squatted down to chat with an older lady who “works” outside our alley. _She was chattering on to me in Thai about her ailments and her dinner when an older Thai man I didn’t recognize came to peer over her shoulder and investigate our conversation. “What are you doing talking with this girl?” he asked my friend (in Thai), clearly expressing that he should she must be crazy to think I would understand her words. She spun around to look at him and pointed to me with my street-food-to-go box, squatting there on the sidewalk, “Eh? _She speaks Thai. _She is one of us. _She lives here in this building and she eats the same food we do. Shes the same as us.” _What a compliment! _I was glad I decided to have rice over Burger King. Ha.