< Yup. Our neighborhood. Rajdamnoen Avenune, two blocks from our home. Ha! What’s more, is that between the protesters and the government’s actions to keep things somewhat under control we have learned that EVERY road into and out of our neighborhood is expected to be closed to motor vehicles by Saturday night. Talk about a traffic nightmare!

I love the irony of it – Bangkok traffic, I can deal with, but police blockades and 1 million (or even 100,000) protesters filling the streets? I guess our neighbors were right, our hospital is SO far away :).

Don’t worry, later today we’re planning on going to stay with some friends who live just a few minutes away from the hospital until the baby comes, which could be any time now. Thanks for your prayers and concerns – we’re doing ok, and we’ll let you know when this little person finally decides to join us on the outside!