Many of you have written us asking about our safety in light of the violent Bangkok protests… we wanted to let you know that we are well, that we are staying out of harms way, and that the violence is very localized. As long as we stay away from the areas in central Bangkok where the protesters are encamped we have nothing to be concerned about. For the vast majority of people (maybe 11.99 million out of Bangkok’s 12 million residents) life continues much as it would normally – albeit with a more attention turned towards the news, more time turned towards praying, and more anxiety all around. Before Izayla was born we wrote several blog posts about how close the protests were to our house – since that time the protests have moved to another part of the city, returning our neighborhood to normalcy. Below is an excerpt from the YWAM Thailand homepage (

YWAM Thailand has received many inquires about the current political situation in Thailand. We would encourage you, and those you know, to pray for a calm and sensible solution to the current political crisis. We would recommend that you read the online versions of the_Bangkok Postand_Nation Multimedia for all the latest updates. We are praying that the situation resolve itself within a reasonable amount of time. Please know that we are advising all staff, volunteers and incoming outreach teams to stay away from the areas occupied by the protestors for safety reasons.