<< My mommy and I woke up this morning around 8:30 and I had some milk (I LOVE milk!) and then a bath. _I used to hate baths, but now I think they are kind of interesting. _Then I was tired, so I took a nap. After my nap my mommy took me outside to do some errands and talk to friends. _We passed by one shop with some friends and they all stopped their work to smile and touch my feet. _The old man that sits there asked some questions but I don’t know what he was saying. _On the way out of our alley the lady that sells fruit grabbed me from my mom and played with me in front of her fan…some other neighbors came and talked about how fast I am growing. _Then we went to the shop that sells mangos but the “mango lady” who we usually buy from wasn’t there so we bought from another lady. Two ladies at that store asked to hold me and that was ok. I didn’t cry. Then we stopped to get coffee on the way home. The ladies who work there smiled at me but they didn’t ask to hold me. _We had to cross a kind of busy road to get back home and my mom was really careful to make sure we didn’t get hit. Once we finally crossed the street we realized that about a half dozen ladies who sell “offerings” outside of the Chinese temple by our house had been watching us try to cross the street and they were all very smiley and kept saying I looked like a doll. _One of the ladies was so excited she grabbed me from my mom without asking, but my mom was quick to say, “Be careful, shes not even three months old yet.” (A lot of Thai people think I am older because I have kind of a big body compared to Thai babies). _Then all the ladies stood around and talked, smiled at me, and passed me around. _I was a little overwhelmed, but I didn’t cry. _One of them asked my mom if I am easy to take care of and of course she said “Yes”. Then my mom said we had to go and on the way we passed two more ladies who sell things for the Chinese temple. One of them asked my name and said that they had seen me with my Daddy before and that my Daddy is very cute (they like that he loves me and holds me – I like it too!) _My mommy wrote down my name in Thai for the ladies there because they had a hard time saying it…then they got it right. My mommy had to go get the laundry from across the street so she asked our landlord, Pii Muu to hold me for a few minutes. _Pii Muu loves to hold me. _Another lady who has a baby a little older than me came and visited with me and held me too. _Pii Muu and that lady asked my mom if she gives me water yet and my mom said “No, just milk. _Milk is all she needs”. _They shook their heads and said, “foreigners do everything different”. In the afternoon my Mommy and I played at home for a while but then I was tired so I took a big nap. _When I woke up and had some milk then we went back outside again, because my Mommy said she was hungry (I don’t know why she doesn’t just drink milk, too…its very convenient). _My mommy was going to take me to the Red Pork and Rice shop that has my picture up on their wall but on the way some of the older ladies that “work” outside our house called us over so we went and I got held by them too. _I had just woken up so I was kind of confused, but I didn’t cry. At the pork shop the lady asked where my dad was and said I am growing so fast. _My Mommy got some pineapple at a stand on the way home and while we were buying that a lady from the Duck Shop walked by and pulled on my leg and talked to me. Then, my Mommy saw a baby that was about my age and so she followed him and the teenage girl that was carrying him back to his mother. _He is 3.5 months old, just two weeks older than me! _We looked at each other for a while but that is really all we can do. We walked on a different road to get home and passed by the lady who sews up our clothes when we have holes in them. _She always has a big smile. _My mommy stopped and talked to her for a while and pretty soon there was about 4 ladies gathered around talking to me and asking my Mommy questions. _One of them asked to hold me but she didn’t seem to know how to hold me very well and another lady kept saying to her, “you don’t know how! _You don’t know how!”. _But, I didn’t cry. We kept walking home but then saw a little girl who is one and a half. _She was very excited to say hello and said in Thai, “Baby” and then when we walked away she called after us, “Want!” Finally, outside of our house all three of the little nighttime food cart vendors looked at me and several stopped to say hello and asked if I was sleeping yet. _I wasn’t but I was real tired so I fell asleep before my mom got me up the stairs. _But, I didn’t cry. I think 9 people held me today, at least 3 of whom my Mommy had never met before. _I never cried though; everyone said I am a good baby and I think so too. _All our neighbors think I am fun and “cute like a doll”, and everyone says I will speak Thai so good when I grow up. _I don’t know what to make of all that, but there is certainly a lot of interesting things in my neighborhood.