Every week we meet as a team in a different place and spend time doing intercessory prayer in significant areas _ be they political or religious centers, government departments, places of education, or whatnot. This has been a fun and eye-opening process _ a great way to get to know our city better, to learn about and get involved in the various places of influence within our adopted society and culture, and an opportunity to bless this city of Bangkok which we all love so much. Recently we have prayed at one of the police headquarters, at the Ministry of Education, at some major college campuses and outside an office for one of the main leaders in a significant political party here in Thailand. This upcoming month we will also be hosting a time of 24 hours of continuous prayer in our new second room, in our building. Join us in prayer for the city and our neighborhood on February 18-19. We will be inviting people from all over the city and with many different organizations to take part.