Our team of five, plus about 17 other friends from around the city spend 24 hours passing the baton of continuous prayer this past Friday-Saturday. We started our prayer time with a time or worship and prayer together, at 7 pm on Friday night. Our “2nd floor room” was transformed with candles, paper on the walls to write down what God was calling us to pray for or speaking to us, markers to draw with, soft lighting and cushions all over the floor. It was a very special place. Most special of course because as we expected, God showed up.

Less expected was Izayla’s double round of throwing up right before bedtime, to top off her already miserable sounding cough and bad cold. She sounded like an old man horse creature all weak. Funny but pretty sad for her. At 1 a.m. she woke up and refused to go back to bed for over an hour. After much tears and coaxing, Iven finally gave in and announced he was taking her downstairs to get prayed for. Apparently that was all she wanted – though it totally surprised our teammate who was taking a late night prayer shift to have Izayla and her dad walk in at 2:30 a.m., our little social butterfly totally transformed and spent the next hour happily visiting her friends and taking her “turn” in the prayer room, and didn’t complain a bit when Daddy brought her back upstairs to sleep at 3:30am. Later that morning Iven spent some of his alone time in the prayer room praying for “Baby Fish”, the woman who lives and works on our streets and who has slowly been opening up over the past month. Iven and I haven’t seen her for several weeks but know she is still in our neighborhood. In the afternoon time our teammate Leigh told us that he saw “Baby Fish” when he went out to get lunch, invited her to join him and she actually did – and even talked with him. His Thai is still super limited (he’s been here for not even a month) and her English is just as limited so the conversation wasn’t deep but the message was clear. She again was eager to respond to an invitation by a member of our team into relationship. It was a wonderful report to hear so soon after Iven specifically prayed for her to continue opening up. Overall it was a great weekend. Well worth the effort and time it took to pull it together. Thank you to all of you who joined us in prayer from other corners of the world!