Picture this: Iven – White, early-30s, from the American west coast, child of liberal upper-middle class parents… Khan – Cambodian-American, mid-20s, rough background with the tattoos to fit the part… Steven – Middle-aged, successful Hong Kong-Australian business-man… This unlikely trio was one of about 20 groups that hit our streets on Sunday morning, giving out food, praying for people and extending care and a listening ear to our neighbors. “Service Sunday” is an annual event in the life of ECB (Evangelical Church of Bangkok), where normal Sunday morning worship services are replaced with acts of intentional service-as-worship of all kinds spanning across the city. Rak Teh and our neighborhood have been part of this project since it began three years ago.

The 80 people that joined us on Sunday make up 10% – essentially a tithe – of the fairly large, international congregation. It was such a joy for us to participate in and help facilitate the morning, welcoming people from many nations and backgrounds to join together in serving our neighbors! The most poignant moment of the morning was hearing back from one team made up of 6 friends from 5 nations (several of whom are a part of our local Life Group) who after sharing food with a group of homeless neighbors and listening to one woman’s hard story, initiated washing her feet right there on the side of the road with a washcloth and water bottle. Their kindness brought tears to her eyes.

Another group talked and eventually prayed with a transgendered person involved in prostitution. It was clearly meaningful for this neighbor to receive prayer, and especially to have one of the ECB volunteers so readily hold their hands. It is always such a gift when others come alongside and get to experience with us what a privilege we have to be involved in the lives of our neighbors and to see little glimpses of what God is doing in their lives. Thank you ECB!!