Iven and our new teammate Matthijs were talking with a Burmese man sitting on the sidewalk, whiskey bottle in hand. He told them he was Muslim and Iven responded with a bit more provocativeness than we often exhibit, “Drinking is a sin in Islamic law – what do you think about that?” The man took a long, sad look at his bottle and then at Iven and answered, “Yeah, I know. I don’t know what to do about my sins.” The pair shared with him about how Jesus offers freedom from sin, and a pathway for a new life. Soon the man put down his bottle and asked if he could join them as they passed out food boxes to more hungry neighbors. The Burmese man led them along and was the first to proclaim “Did you know Jesus can forgive our sins? We don’t need to be stuck!” to each group they met. Now to be honest- this man didn’t actually seem all that interested in receiving forgiveness into his own life just quite yet, but we do love how people can join in the work of the kingdom – in this case sharing food and proclamation – even if they are only at the beginning of their own journey.