We were delighted to welcome Lilian and Matthijs, our new and long-awaited teammates from the Netherlands into our midst just this past week.
They have completed their DTS and made an initial 2 year commitment to Rak Teh. _During this first year their efforts will be mostly focused on Thai language study and on settling in to Bangkok and our neighborhood being home.
We found them a simple and surprisingly quiet little studio apartment that is just 110 steps from our door, complete with a beautiful green tree covering their back window. Iven hunted and we prayed faithfully for a space for them but we coming up with nothing until just one night before they arrived when we were able to see and reserve that room. That same night Lillian had a dream about their new room in Bangkok and it had a tree outside the window in the back – such an unnecessary but loving gift from our good God who likes to make us smile and mercifully reminds us that it is He who does the work.