Before 2014 began, Kashmira felt like the Lord was nudging her that the season has come to begin doing outreach on the Loop again, where young men are involved in street prostitution late at night. Now, with our beloved Dutch teammates Lilian and Matthijs done with language school, and available to partner full-time, we are able to pick that up again. Our team is starting slow (two nights a month), and involved in prayer as much as in outreach, but as has always been the case on those streets, we see God’s hand leading us each and every night we go out.

It has been special to reconnect with a handful of guys who knew us since before we became parents, and to live out a newfound boldness and hunger to see God’s Word shared on those streets. Another unexpected aspect of loop outreach is several of us feeling a softness and desire to connect not only with the guys who are selling services, but also the “mafia” (motorcycle gangs) that collect a “tax” from the guys working in their turf. It’s a complex and unique scene, and God’s presence is all over it.
Iven’s first night out we were praying before-hand, asking God what He wanted to do that night and someone felt like they heard the name “Golf”. The first guy Iven’s group approached was super-open to hearing about a God that is like a Father, and as the conversation progressed we found his name was, you guessed it, Golf. Recently, we were able to sit with three young men, who were clearly desperate for a fix and working hard to flag down customers, probably for close to half an hour. It was a simple and sweet time, where we just sat with them, and quietly played blessings and protection in the name of Jesus over their young lives. A little motorcycle snack cart pulled up. Kashmira bought a pumpkin custard square, and agreed to buy some fried tiny frogs for one of the guys. Grubs (fried little white insects – a bit like cheetos) were also purchased and passed around. Loop outreach is the only place Kashmira feels compelled to eat any sort of bugs that get offered – perhaps it is just a mark of her calling. Join us in praying for boldness, clarity and God’s abiding presence to be our sustenance on The Loop.