Recently, Iven received a phone call from a Thai University professor who heard about the “project” where we share food with homeless people from one of her students who was attending ECB, and wanted to begin sending some other students to come participate, practice their English, and do community service. A few weeks later nearly a dozen Thai college students, primarily Buddhist, showed up for the outreach, were paired up with volunteers from ECB, and headed out to connect with our neighbors. Kashmira’s group consisted of our good friend from life-group, Steve, and an artistic young Thai woman who’d spent some time living in Europe. Stopping to talk with a huddle of older homeless men a block down from our house, the Thai college student readily agreed to translate for our Kenyan friend, Steve. Unexpectedly she found herself back-translating the Gospel message from Thai into English as one older Uncle we’ve known for quite some time shared with her about how Jesus is true, forgives our sins, loves us and is different from other gods. It was a sweet and special backwards-outreach sort of moment, the kind only Jesus can orchestrate.