Practically speaking, we will be moving from our current home which includes two separate studio apartments of 120 square feet each (but they feel larger than that because of high ceilings, lots of windows, the oddness of being shaped like triangles and being positioned one on top of the other on the 2nd and 3rd floors of our standard small Thai apartment building), to something more like a traditional small two bedroom apartment (about 432 square feet – 12 feet by 36), in the context of a community-ministry building where we together have freedom and authority to develop sustainable life-hospitality-ministry-family rhythms, and let our kids be a part of everything, as much as is good and appropriate. Our children (at least in theory) are excited about having a “kid room” for the first time, and we are excited to have just a newborn in our new tiny bedroom. The new building will have a total of four floors, with a footprint of 12 feet across and 48 feet deep (including the staircase in the back).

1st floor – An all-glass front and mostly open multi-purpose space, with a bathroom/shower accessible from the front and a door sealing off the back of the building and staircase to upper floors. There is also a back door and small communal kitchen behind the stairs. We anticipate the front of the ground floor being used for both structured and and informal worship, prayer and Scripture study, welcoming neighbors into a safe and hospitable space (including bathroom and shower usage on an individual basis and a cold water cooler), small-scale community meals, a kid play area open to neighborhood children, and space to host trainings and meetings for partner groups in the community. We also hope to have a local friend paint a mural on the back wall sometime soon. Above ground: (There are a total of 8 rooms on the top three floors, all of which have individual bathrooms, as the owners are setting up the building to be eventually rented as individual studio apartments, much like where we currently live. There will also be a door at the hallway entering into each floor.)

2nd Floor – Will include a small office (primarily for Iven) that can be converted into a guest room as needed, a guest room with two twin beds available at all times, and a larger front multi-purpose room that will serve as a makeshift classroom, housing for volunteer teams, a private space for counseling and prayer conversations, and an above-ground make-shift dining space.

3rd Floor – Our family will have a “grown up” (plus newborn, initially) bedroom, a “kid bedroom” and a front room that will serve as kitchen-living-family room. We are excited about finding creative ways to use the 3×26 foot hallway that cuts through the apartment – an indoor (corner-free) running and rough-housing space for kids, art-display area, maybe a little basketball hoop and a fold-down bar-height little table for “bigger” kids to work on projects out of toddler-kid reach!)

4th Floor – Our teammates, Lilian and Matthijs will be living in the two (larger) rooms on this floor, and there is also a smallish laundry+ porch (kid-safe and with an almost complete roof which makes it possible to use in the heat of the day, and to hang laundry during the rainy season) we will all have access to.

**Bonus** An unanticipated gift is a ladder providing access to the roof, and a little fenced in portion of it that will be delightful at the beginning and end of the days for prayer and quiet space for grown-ups (totally not kid safe, but we will work that out!) Click RakTehBuildingInformationSheet2014.11-D5 for a sharable one-page summary of how we expect the space to be used.