So, you’ve found your way to our Giving page. It’s likely that you got here by asking yourself, “How can I help partner with Iven & Kashmira?” There are three easy US Tax-Deductible ways, and one easier non-tax-deductible way:

  1. You can send checks to the address at the bottom of this page…
  2. You can set up automatic withdrawals from your checking account…
  3. You can give via credit-card through YWAM Montana’s Pay-Pal account (a little complicated but not overwhelmingly so – this is also tax-deductible).
  4. Or, donations via Pay-Pal can go directly to us, BUT they are NOT tax-deductible.

Thank you for your support!!

SENDING CHECKS: If you like to do things the old fashioned way (or the new-fashioned way with free on-line banking services like automatic bill pay):

  1. Checks should be made out to “YWAM” (our name or project number can’t be on the actual check or they’ll send it back!).
  2. Please include a separate note saying, “this is for the ministry of Iven and Kashmira – project # 3588″. 
  3. Please DO NOT write our name or project number anywhere on the check itself (even the memo line!) – that invalidates it for tax purposes, and YWAM can’t cash it.

Support Checks should be sent to:

YWAM Montana Accounting | Iven & Kashmira Hauptman #3588 | 501 Blacktail Road | Lakeside | Montana | 59922 | USA

Automatic Withdrawal

By downloading, printing, filling out, and mailing in an Auto Withdrawal Giving Form you can set up automatic monthly withdrawals from your checking account.

Bank Account or Credit Card Giving that IS tax-deductible via Pay-Pal

To give via bank account or credit card please login to Pay-Pal and find the YWAM Montana account address:

Please choose the “personal” tab.

VERY IMPORTANT: Include our project number: 3588. 

Pay Pal Direct To Us:

If you choose to use a credit- card and don’t need a receipt you can also donate directly to us via Pay Pal by clicking below – this is the easiest way to give electronically, but please note, THIS IS NOT TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

Thank You!!!

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