Prayer is neat. None of us really understand how it works, and occasionally it downright feels like a chore, but sometimes when we pray God does amazing things. Whether or not we see God’s visable response to our prayers, scripture teaches us that no prayer is wasted. And really, who doesn’t want to hang out with God, getting a little closer to what he thinks about things, and changing the course of history without even leaving our closets?  

On a more serious note, we really REALLY value your prayers for us and for Bangkok. Thank you.

Current Prayer Requests (updated 6 June 2007):

  • That our ears, mouths and hearts would be open as we grow daily in learning Thai, understanding Thai culture, and growing in love for Thai people.
  • For continued intimacy, grace, strength, joy and partnership in our marriage.
  • For men working in the Bangkok sex industry to know God’s love, grace and strong arm reaching out to them.
  • That we would be eager to listen and quick to respond to God’s promptings and voice.
  • For wisdom in how to balance our time between Thai language study, prayer/relationships in “boys” neighborhoods, other ministry responsibilities, friendships and our marriage.
  • For continued health and safety in this tropical climate, especially as we walk and pray (sometimes late at night) in new neighborhoods.

Prayer Calender Openings: (coming soon!)

If you are interested in committing one day each month to pray for us and men working as prostitutes in Bangkok please send us an email including your favorite number from 1-31 :), or drop us a note using the form below – we are hoping that eventually there will be at least one person committed to praying on each day of the month.

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