We are children of a good father, lovers of Jesus, each other, our fantastic children, long walks most anywhere, stories, reading books together, food, and our neighborhood and city!

We are also the team leaders and initial pioneers of Rak Teh, a ministry of YWAM here in Bangkok, Thailand.  When we first moved here to Bangkok in 2006 (one year into our marriage) our intention was to start a ministry for young men involved in prostitution (that is men, dressing as men, selling sex to other men). After a year of language study and focused prayer, we began doing outreach in one, and then two, neighborhoods known for male prostitution. We found a little triangle-shaped apartment on a corner in one of those communities, and declared it home.

Over time (February 2018 marked 10 years on our corner), a lot has changed for us. None the least of which is that we now are parents of six children! Our ministry focus has also shifted.

After two years turned exclusively towards caring for men involved in prostitution, God spoke to us clearly about our needing to be open to having a family, brought some long-term teammates, and all-around convinced us that for this season of our lives the center of His ministry call for our family and Rak Teh was to be on our entire neighborhood or place of “neighboring”, rather than the specific people group we had initially felt called to consider as neighbors.

The YWAM Thailand Rak Teh page gives a picture of our neighborhood, and our attempts to join in what God is doing here. Hopefully our pictures and blog serve to give color to our community and ourselves.

Thanks for being curious, and for joining with us as we walk with Jesus as a family on our streets!

Mailing Address

Our mailing address in Thailand is:

Iven & Kashmira Hauptman | PO Box 20 | Mahadthai Post Office| Bangkok, 10206 THAILAND

Phone Number & Skype

For those who like communicating the old fashioned way (and the new-fashioned way too!) we have a Seattle area-code based phone number that finds our computer in Bangkok, courtesy of Skype (the coolest internet tool ever).

206.201.2134 or you can Skype us as: ivenandkashmira

Our mobile phone number in Bangkok is:

Country Code: (+66) Mobile Number: 08 614 5017 (if dialing from overseas replace the first 0 with the country code)

If you would like to be in touch with us or join our email list then let us know by filling out the following form:


Thank you friends, we love you!